Blended learning

e-Learning in Professional Education

For universities and colleges, where feel and touch is required to get exposure to real experience; Like in engineering, medical education etc.
In many situations especially in professional education, pure e-Learning model or only classroom training is not the best choice. Students need to have practical exposure like driving, flying, machine operation or physical examination of a patient in medical education, surgical procedures; in any of this types of situation a combination of e-Learning and instructor-led or classroom training is used that is termed as blended learning.

Blended learning

There are many advantages of blended learning model,

  • Classroom teaching has limitation of time and space; teacher may take advantage of e-Learning platform to provide educational material in addition to topics taught during class.
  • Students may be given direct access to latest research providing links to different websites and e-books etc. thus saving students’ time.
  • Students may take advantage of e-Learning after class hours at their own pace at their own time from their own place using any device like PC, laptop or smart phones.
  •  e-Learning goes paperless, as teacher may collect assignments online.
  • Online examination saves a lot of teachers’ time, as it is automatically checked by the application; result, result analysis and question analysis is provided by e-Learning application immediately after exam completion.
  •  e-Learning platform combines educational and social interactions like forums, chat and webinars etc. that provide students with more engaging activities

Although some efforts are required in adopting this model, like teachers’ training and motivation to bring study material (create courses on) to e-Learning platform; still blended learning model is best fit for almost all types of schools, colleges and universities.

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