e-Learning explained

What is e-Learning?

When we talk about education system; a general concept of having students, teacher, books and writing material in a classroom are considered mandatory elements of this system, all at one place at one time.


e-Learning gives us the opportunity to add multimedia contents, power of internet technology & social media to free us from the limitations of time and space. It is not limited to Skype-like online video conferencing type utilities but there is provision of material that may be a combination of text, images, audio, video, assignments, chat, forums and other social media type activities.

Almost every person on globe is using gadgets like smart phones, tablets, laptops or any other types of internet-enabled devices. Students commonly use their phone for gaming, video and also to connect with peers. Why not take advantage and make these devices more productive for students by simply adding an e-Learning platform to our teaching resources. Contents of e-Learning courses are accessible using any computing device like computer, phone, tablet, iPad etc. let it be Windows, Android or Apple IOS.

With e-Learning, physical distance between teacher and students is no more a barrier.

There are three factors that make a difference with e-Learning.

·         Personalization: Learners’ can learn at their own pace, as course material is available online.

·         Interactivity: Assignments, forums, chat and webinars may be used as tools of communication and assessment.

·         Engagement: Different type of activities are available on most of the e-Learning platforms that provide gamification and collaboration thus makes e-Learning a more engaging experience for students

e-Learning is one of the best tool added to education system.

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