Earning Bread and Butter in Current Scenario – Explore Yourself

In current times of COVID-19 pandemic, when business tycoons and corporate organizations are fighting battle for their survival due to huge losses in business. These companies are forced to take drastic measures like cost cutting and laying-off their employees in big number. Rather than making profits, it is time to survive and plan for future strategies in the changing business scenario.

In general it is real hard time for all, may it be a job-oriented person or a business person. Visionary people focus on finding a true solution instead of just roaming around the problem. You have to be optimistic and turn towards positive aspect in any situation. Think laterally, you will find lot of opportunities.

This COVID-19 will not go away in very short period of time, everyone is required to change his strategy and it must be in your knowledge that many companies have already adapted work-from-home technique.

So what is the solution?

DIVERSIFY – Equally important for business & job-oriented persons who feel safe on their jobs.

EXPLORE YOURSELF — Allah has given every human being strength in more than one key skills and interests. You need to find the match between your skill and people/society’s needs. Just explore yourself thoroughly. You should be able to solve a problem. Take my example; this is not for the first time that I am facing this problem just like you.

I have witnessed 2009 recession when I was working in Dubai with Siemens and later with a petroleum company. I am an IT person with a diversified and rich experience. In addition I have passion of writing and teaching and training skills. I thought of having hands on technology which may help me to deliver my services remotely. Few years back I decided to acquire some latest technology that was not much in demand at that time but for last few years it has picked up and in current lockdown, it is need of the day and that is e-Learning. By the passage of time, I started getting much bigger income than what I was getting as salary.

There is a saying that “If your salary is your only earning, you may get poor soon”.

You also need to find your niche or key skills.


In comments please share your main and side skills, discussion with others may open many doors in your mind.

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