Use of Technology

Use of Technology – DO or DIE

In the recent time, many businesses and professionals are facing problem performing their routine operations due to lockdown, social-distancing, travel restrictions and some other reasons as well. Many employees are working from home, wherever it is possible. Due to low income and business losses, organizations are taking measures to reduce operational costs. At one end, it produces job threats and on the other hand reduces business efficiency and performance.

We can no more follow our traditional and professional practices with so many barriers in presence of Coronavirus pandemic.

Here comes the powerful role of web-based technology. Normal computer or Windows-based applications are not so helpful to meet all such requirements. We need internet or web-based solutions that are accessible by all of the team members or clients, also called synchronous information/data sharing.

Use Of Technology

A big advantage is that web-based applications are already in place for more than a decade and now much better versions are readily available for use. We just need to find the right application, get it implemented and do a little customization to meet your 100% of our requirements.

Luckily there are a wide variety of such applications available with a license type called GPL-II or General Public License. It means that neither do you need to buy the software, nor pay any annual fee. You don’t need a large amount, just need a small one-time investment to get the services of a technical person or service-provider that makes your application ready-to-use with all your logo and branding. Once it is ready, you may keep using it for indefinite period with automatic update to latest version of the time.

Following are examples of different applications for almost all types of fields.

Profession/Field Application
Trading/Sales e-Commerce, CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Healthcare Imaging systems (to share X-rays and reports)
eMR (Medical Records) and Hospital System
Projects Project Management System
Team Management Groupware,
Collaboration Application
Accounts Accounting System
Academic e-Learning or LMS (Learning Management System)
Online Exam System
Marketing Marketing Automation
HR Human Resource Management System

Main advantage of using web-based applications;

For Job-oriented persons

  • Learn new online tools.
  • Another alternative is to work as freelancer from comfort of your home. A misconception about freelancing is that it is for IT professionals only, there is a wide variety of projects available online related to accounts, content writing, report writing etc. You should try it.
  • Most famous freelancing platforms are Freelancers, Guru, Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour and many more. Simply create your profile and make some efforts to win projects.

For Organizations

  • Reduced Cost of Operations – don’t need a large number of staff to be present at your office. A smaller office will be sufficient.
  • Reduced Traveling Cost – due to online meeting tools
  • Increased Clientele – No geographical limits apply on web-based applications. Your employees may work remotely from anywhere. Your clients may buy from anywhere in the world, like people do their shopping online from Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz and many others.
  • No Time Limit – Your clients may buy online at any time according to their time zone. You may hire employees from different parts of the world, they would be able to use web-based application at any time.
  • There are many other advantages depending on the application that you use.


Plan for your technology and enjoy breaking geographical and time barriers, along with reduced cost and improved efficiency.

My next blog will cover “how to decide about application and its implementation”.

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