What is e-Learning or LMS

At its core, LMS (Learning Management System) is a software application or web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process that gives you the facility to host and conduct e-Learning courses.

Besides its application in educational institutions, e-Learning has a wide variety of applications in corporate employees training.

e-Learning is one-time investment that provides you with the facilities of virtual classrooms for your staff and students, that you may use to create effective, engaging and interactive courses.

It may also be used by various means for assessment, monitor student participation and conduct computer-based exams.

What is e-Learning or LMS

e-Learning Implementation

You can have your own LMS with your own brand and logo.

Our team of experts will implement and customize e-Learning system at your local or cloud server to meet your organization’s goals.

Your faculty will be trained to develop online courses for your students or employees

e-Learning Implementation

Hosted e-Learning Solution

When you are willing to set your e-Learning system up and running without having your own website or server, we offer you our website with your own secure area to host all of your e-Learning courses and exams that would be available to your users with their login accounts.

Hosted e-Learning Solution


Our Solution

Corporate or business organizations sometimes want to outsource their training programs. Here come our turnkey solutions.
We offer you with our hosted LMS with customized courses to meet your business requirements and secure user accounts to access these courses.

As mentioned above we may train your faculty members to develop courses at their own.


Our content developers can create dynamic learning environment.

Your course material can be converted into on-demand effective engaging and interactive courses

Our Solution

Faculty Training

There are two areas that you need to cover, if you want to maintain your own e-Learning / LMS portal. i.e.

LMS administration

It covers one-time installation, customization and branding of Learning Management System.

It includes managing user accounts and some regular work

Course Authoring Training

Creating an e-Learning course requires knowledge and hands-on experience with the components that may be added to any course or computer-based examination.

We have a team of LMS experts & trainers that conduct comprehensive training workshops on “Course authoring” for the faculty and professionals that become core members of your e-Learning team.

If you intend to have in-house course development

Our extensive hands-on training program will prepare your faculty members to run your LMS efficiently and effectively.

Course Authoring Training

It includes;

  • Embracing eLearning and utilizing it to the maximum capability
  • Familiarizing them with the LMS portal environment
  • Designing courses themselves (in-house course development)
  • Uploading material for students
  • Improving the overall teacher-student interaction

Content Development

We have solution for those institutions and organizations in which trained faculty is not available.

You just have to provide contents for your specified courseware.

Our experts work with your organization hand-in-hand from planning to implementation stage to develop online courses for your LMS.

  • Interactive videos & content
  • Our team partners up with the experts in the field to develop your course material
  • You can choose to keep that course exclusive to yourself or shareable

Employee Training

With Our Employee Training Solution you can

  • Upload training or seminars for your employees to attend or benefit
  • The content remains exclusive to your employees only
  • Employees can learn at their own pace (deadlines can be set)
  • Seminars can be attended from different parts of the world
  • Tests and interactive content can be added for evaluation
  • Conduct anonymous feedback


Consult our Experts on

  • Setting up your eLearning department
  • Expanding or upgrading your current LMS portal
  • Making eLearning more effective
  • Both educational and technical aspects are considered
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