Learning Management System

About LMS

What is LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) a comprehensive online education software solution that gives you full control over students’ learning, automatic evaluation of exams with complete tracking and deliver training without any geographical and time barriers.

Applications of LMS

LMS are usually implemented in organizations and educational institutions with the focus on online training or learning.

Usually they are customized according to the requirements by the organization / institute.

LMS Features


Students can Study on their own time

Teachers upload their lectures or material & students can view them at their own pace.

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Easy Access to Content

Students can easily access earlier lectures & videos.


Keep track of Student progress

Every aspect of the students performance and attendence can be viewed from time spent on the LMS to Lectures viewed.


Online Collaboration

All the course material being at one place make it easy to collaborate online.



You can access the LMS from any device (Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile).

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No geographical or time barrier

All you need for accessing the LMS is an internet connection and you are good to go.


Online Quiz

You can take online quizzes and assignments from students.

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A secure Question bank can also be established to save questions for online quizzes & exams.

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