Running radiology setup needs qualified radiologists experienced in different fields and efficient clerical staff who, is well versed with medical terminology.

The task of hiring staff of required talent is becoming very difficult.

Why not to try alternate and much better solution?

Our Solution

We have hassle-free reporting of X-Ray, CT Scans and MRI Scans using teleradiology solution of e-services.

Just send us digital images of x-ray, CT, MR and ultrasound using our secure image transfer software and get soft copies of reports digitally signed by experienced radiologist.


Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

It is really cumbersome to keep patients’ data of clinical examinations, investigations and treatment details by traditional paper based system.

Even if record is maintained, retrieval is very difficult and time consuming.

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR application is one-time investment with ease of working for years to come.

Data can be made available anywhere and anytime using our cloud-based eservices


Computer-Based Examinations

Computer Based Exams

Computer and information technology has revolutionized many areas of day-to-day life. It’s time to change our examinations from traditional paper-based system to computer-based system.

The new system is much more efficient, saves precious time and efforts of faculty members and it is definitely much more economical. Paper assessment is easier and time saving for the assessors.

Online Quiz

There is a strong post-exam analysis of students’ performance and behavior of questions.

We have facilities and expertise to provide you complete solution of computer-based examination system which will run through your local server and work stations.

Computer-Based Q-Bank

Q-Bank software can be a part of examination system OR an stand-alone application for efficient archiving and retrieval of required questions using modifiable search criteria.

This is a robust application which will improve functioning of your question bank.

Here’s a practical example of a sample chemistry question bank:

Question Bank
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